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Book Reviews: Print Review Sources

This guide will help you find book reviews and will offer tips for writing reviews.

Book Review Indexes

These print sources can help you locate reviews for older publications. Consult only for books published in the date ranges noted. These indexes are located on the main floor of the library.

Book Review Digest 1905-1996 (includes excerpts from reviews of scholarly and popular books)

Book Review Index 1987-1992

Print Review Magazines


These print review periodicals contain reviews of older publications.

Booklist 1955-1980

Choice Reviews 1993 to present (reviews of books for academic libraries)

Horn Book Magazine 1949-1996 (children's books)

New York Times Book Review 1954-1989

Subject Periodical Indexes

These subject-specific periodical indexes include book review citations. A book review section is usually located in the back of each volume. The indexes are located on the main floor of the library.

Biological & Agricultural Index 1985-1996

Business Periodicals Index 1973-1996

Christian Periodical Index 1966 to present

Education Index 1947-2002

General Science Index 1983-1998

Humanities Index 1974-1997

Index to Religious Periodical Literature 1960-1985

Readers Guide to Periodical Literature 1976-1996

Social Sciences Index 1974-1997