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SOC 204: Introduction to Sociology: Features of Popular Resources

A guide to citation tools, recommended resources, and other information supporting SOC 204 students in their research.

Example of Popular Magazine

Features of Popular Resources

  • Length: Shorter articles, providing broader overviews of topics.
  • Authorship: Author is usually a staff writer or a journalist. Name and credentials are often not provided. 
  • Language/Audience: Written in non-technical language for anyone to understand.
  • Format/Structure: Articles do not neccessarily follow a specific format or structure. 
  • Special Features: Illustrations with glossy or color photographs, usually for advertising purposes. 
  • Editors: Articles are not evaluated by experts in the field, but by editors on a staff.  
  • Credits:  A bibliography (works cited) is usually not provided, although names of reports or references may be mentioned in the text.


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