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From the Archives: May Day Celebrations

This month we look at a celebration Montreat College recognized in days past. From the mid 1920's to the 1960's Montreat College held a May Day celebration.

May Day throughout the decades at Montreat College

Queen of May and Maids of 1932

According to the 1932 issue of, "The Sun Dail", it states "after the processional, Miss Geneva Oliver, of Cades Cove, Tennessee, was crowned queen of May by Miss Pauline Edwards, the maid of honor.".

1932 May Pole Dace

The 1932, "Sun Dail", reports "the following folk dances were presented before the Queen by a large number of girls. [The dances] included the Swedish Clap, a Danish Dance, and a Norwegian dance."

May Day 1950's

A May Day parade in the 1950's. Assembly Inn and Lake Susan can be seen in the background.

A May Day Court, 1950's

The ladies pose for their May Day portrait.

The May-pole

Students looked forward to the May Day celebrations, especially the may-pole dances. These dances were often international in nature. The school choir would often sing and skits or short plays would be preformed.

May Day dances

Dancing was always a key part of May Day. This incredible action shot shows dancers before a large audience.

Spring in the Air

Students frolic and dance during a May Day celebration.

May Day Parade

The Montreat College May Day parade.

May Day Court, 1960's

One can note that the dress of the 1960's is slightly different from the styles worn in previous years.


These students look as if they are singing to the queen of May in the background.

1960 Queen of May

The 1960 May Queen, Dee Lorez Joyner.

1965 Queen of May

The 1965 May Queen Margaret Palmer Lauterer