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MS 305 & MS 306: Survey of Musical Styles: MS 306

Exploring library resources for MS 305 and MS 306 coursework

MS 306 Documents

Paper Topic Assignment

Due: Friday, January 15th

Submit at least two and up to five potential subjects for your papers this semester.  Include as much detail as you can.  For example, do not simply write “symphonies”.  At the very least narrow the subject to a period of music (as discussed in MS 305) even if you cannot, at this point, name the exact piece or composer that you would like to focus on this semester.


Your submission may be handwritten and is due by the beginning of class on Friday.

Music Literature Assignment #1

Due: Monday, January 18th

Part I: At the library

Work: Variations, Op. 36

Composer: Sir Edward Elgar (1857-1934)

Do NOT use Wikipedia to answer these questions.  You must cite the sources for your answers using the citation forms as described in Writing About Music.  Your assignment is to be written in a narrative form (NOT in bullet points, fragments, or question and answer form).

  1. What is the common name for this work?
  2. What is the specific genre of this work?
  3. What is the form of this work?
  4. What is unique/special about this work, especially related to the form? ***This is a very critical part to understanding this work.
  5. What is another interesting fact about this work?


Part II: At home

  1. Listen to a recording of this work.
  2. Pick your favorite section of the work.
  3. Describe the style of this section.  Utilize as many of the terms from MS 305 as possible.  Describe how the musical instruments are used in your chosen section.


Your assignment must be submitted to the MS 306 Moodle Course page by midnight EST on Monday, January 18th.

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