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OE 462 - Current Issues: Additional Resources

Resources for writing literature reviews and conducting scholarly research as part of OE 462 coursework.

Professional Organizations

Websites for professional organizations often link to new, emerging scholarly research. Be sure to check these out! Tip: Look for links that say "Publications", "Resources", or "Research". 

Search Tips

* Limit to "peer-reviewed".

* Use  the Advanced Search option and choose the field "Search Anywhere but Full-Text".

*Using "OR" expands your search. Using "NOT" limits your search.

* Choose and limit the number of databases you search.

* When using search terms,think in terms of synonyms. Depending on your topic, aalternatives to the search term "outdoor education" include: outdoor learning, adventure classroom, nature programming, wilderness experience, experiential learning, active learning, pedagogy, etc. 

*Uncheck the "Full-Text" box to expand your search.

*Consider  using "non-OE" databases, depending on your topic. Looking at outdoor programming for older adults? Consider including searching health-related databases in your search. 
*Don't forget your librarians! We are here to help you.