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HS 101, HS 102 World Civilizations: Lost Worlds of Christianity

Resources for World Civilizations.

Church of Simon Stylites. Founded 475 AD. Near Aleppo, Syria.



Timeline / Formatting


  • First Draft due in class via hardcopy on November 17
  • First Draft also due on on  November 17
  • Meet with your Writing Scholar between November 17-21
  • Final Draft due in class via hardcopy on Dec 1
  • Lost World of Christianity Student Workshop Presentations will be held on  Dec. 2 and Dec. 4
  • Emailed papers will be accepted, but will receive 2% grade reduction

Formatting Details:

  • Title your Essay 
  • Insert your Name and Class
  • Single-Space your paper
  • Insert Page Numbers on the bottom right corner
  • Underline Your Thesis
  • Include Bold Header for each Body Section
  • Use Chicago Manual of Style (Turabian) Footnotes
  • Cite at least 4 library sources
  • Insert at least 8 Footnotes; aim for at least one in each paragraph
  • List the World Count at the end of the essay (not including footnotes)
  • You may insert Images as part of your evidence

Overview / Paper Anatomy


To practice historical thinking is to enter into the imaginations of those from the past who are not like us. For most of us, standing in a nearly frozen pond in Ireland reciting the Psalms, is not our idea of holiness. For many of us, any religious story before MLK Jr, let alone Martin Luther, is foreign.

To exercise this virtue of entering into the realities of people who are different from us, you will create a historical essay discussing a specific topic on the lost worlds of Christianity before 1517.

You will write a 1300-1600 word historical essay in which you will demonstrate change over time on your topic. You may research any political, social, diplomatic, cultural, psychological, theological, or literary aspect of the global Christian movements and its interlocutors (i.e. other religions).

Anatomy of 1500 Word Paper

Introduction (2 paragraphs)

  • Orient your Reader to Time, Place, and Issue
  • State the Problem/Question and then conclude with your Thesis Statement that shows change over time

First Body Section (3 paragraphs)

  • Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that states the idea of the paragraph in a single sentence
  • Use narrative and evidence to support the topic sentence

Second & Third Body Section

  • Repeat above

Conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)

  • Recap the thesis and show the larger significance of the whole project/draw a moral/provide an outlook into the future

Essay Topics

Possible Essay Topics:

• Nestorian Woman Missionaries

• Christian Martyrdom as Sport

• Coptic Musical Chants

• Constantine

• Byzantine Art

• Indian Christian

• Empress Theodora

• The Children’s Crusade

• Competition between Christian and Buddhist Missionaries

• Protestant Anti-Catholicism

• Just-War Theory

• Christian Chivalry

• Muslim-Christian Dialogue

• Masculinity and Dev of Chivalry

• Junia and 1st Century Women

• Ethiopian Architecture

• Rastafarians

• Council of Chalcedon

• Mongol Invasions

• Dar al-Islam

• Yezidi Sect

• The Ancient Church in modern memory

• Granada Pogrom

• Japan’s Hidden Christians 

• ISIS and Christian Persecution