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EV 520: Methods of Research in Environmental Education: Environmental Ed Research Websites

Environmental Education Internet Sites

Association for Experiential Education (AEE)
Nonprofit organization publishing and providing access to relevant research, publications, and resources related to experiential education.

Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC)
Information on recreational resources and promotion of environmental awareness in the Appalachian region.

Searchable guide to environmentally-related Internet sites

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network
U.S. Department of Energy's portal to information on rnergy efficiency and renewable energy

Envirofacts Data Warehouse
Access to EPA core datasets on air pollution, chemical names and safety, grants, hazardous wastes, regulated facilities, safe drinking water, Superfund sites, toxic chemical releases and water discharge permits.

EnviroLink Network
Non-profit organization provides links to government agencies, publications, activist organizations and internet resources.

Institute for Outdoor Learning 
An organization for recreational and outdoor learning, this website  promotes research in the field of outdoor education. Abstracts of the JAEOL (Journal of Adventure Education) are accessible from this site. 

Leave No Trace
Organizational website dedicate to environmental preservation, awareness, and activism. 

National Library for the Environment
Contains reports, databases, educational resources, daily environmental and Congressional news, and conference information.

National Park Service - Explore Nature
Multimedia website featuring resources for environmental educators, in addition to news, issues, statistics, multimedia collections, and more. 

Natural Resources Research Information Pages (NRRIPS)
Comprehensive listing of organizations, government agencies, and other sources of information on natural resources issues.

A network connecting science with conservation.

NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) Resources
Includes information on environment and sustainability, outdoor leadership research, the NOLS podcast, and more.

North American Association for Environmental Education (NAEE)
Professional organization for environmental educators offering information on standards, accreditation, and curriculum. 

North Carolina Office of Environmental Education
The official website for the state of North Carolina Office of Environmental Education. 

Outward Bound
Educational organization specializing in active learning expeditions and promoting adventure and challenge programming for all ages. 

Project Adventure
Research and development on adventure-based experiential learning and programming.

Service of the Environmental Defense Fund that uses data from the EPA's Toxic Release Inventory plus other governmental and scientific agencies.

Tree of Life
Internet project containing information about organisms, their history, and characteristics. Information is shown as an evolutionary tree that connects all organisms to each other.

Wilderdom Outdoor Education Research and Evaluation Center
Provides resources about outdoor education and related programs and methods such as experiential education, environmental education, and adventure therapy.

Worldwatch Institute
Links to numerous environmental sites, including global forestry issues. Best known as the source of Lester Brown's annual State of the World Report.