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PY 300: Child and Adolescent Development: Peer-Reviewed vs Popular

Peer-Reviewed vs Popular Resources

Use this reference sheet to quickly identify peer-reviewed resources from popular resources. 

Peer-Reviewed Resources   


Popular Resources


  • May be called: juried, refereed, scholarly, or academic   
  • Includes a reference list or works cited list
  • Longer articles on academic subjects
  • Written in academic language


   Adolescent Psychotherapy Bulletin

   Journal of Personality

  Child Development Quarterly


  • Magazines and newspapers
  • No reference list or works cited
  • Written in every-day language
  • Shorter articles on popular interest subjects


   Psychology Today

   News Week

   New York Times


Research Help Videos

Click links below to view brief video tutorials on aspects of the research process. For captioning, click the "CC" icon on lower right toolbar of video screen.